The Pioneers in Using Automatic Window & Building Cleaning Systems in UAE

The Automatic Window & Facade Cleaning system is a state of art machine that automates the problematic task of High Rise Building Window and Facade Cleaning
Better service for no extra cost


The machine is operated from the roof top or from the ground by wireless remote control. It is no longer necessary to hang the window washers over the side of your building, risking injury or death.

Self-Contained and Self-Climbing

In most cases, the machine can be teathered to existing rigging systems such as davit arms, rail hoists, anchors, outriggers or BMU crane systems. The hoist motor can either be operated from the roof attached to the rigging system, or we can use our unique “self climbing” system which has the hoist motor and wire winder attached to the machine. Either way, a fast, easy, superior wash of the windows and building is attained.

Cleans Windows and Building Exterior

The added benefit of our Cleaning system is that it cleans not only the windows, but also the entire exterior of the building. This would include window frames and decorative cladding, such as polished granite. No matter what type of building exterior you have, we have a brush or high pressure system that can clean it.

Windows Stay Cleaner Longer

By using filtered, ultra-pure water, with RO filters leaves a “spot free” window and exterior without the use of harsh chemicals. This is today’s “green” solution for window and building cleaning.

H2O Pure Water Cleaning Concept

The SkyPro machines uses only pure water fed from a dedicated filter and high pressure pump. The SkyDro washer sprays the water under pressure in fast rotational manner to break and wipe the dirt particles on the window surface. For stubborn cleaning jobs we have to use the brush type model of SkyPro. The machine uses no soap nor wipers, the water is left to dry naturally, since the water is pure H2O with no chlorine or other ions in it, no traces will be left

Why Bluray?

  • Safe Cleaning of High rise buildings as no one need to hang on the rope or cradle
  • Faster Cleaning as the machine can do a month’s job of manual cleaning within 3 days
  • Eco Friendly and Green for the environment as the cleaning is carried out without using any chemicals and uses pure H2O
  • Cleans the entire building, not just windows
  • No hassles of anyone looking through your window while cleaning
  • Better service for no extra cost