Our Goal & Vision

Performing the work in the safest way possible by the use of latest technology

CEO Message

From Bluray’s conception we have always given priority to ensuring our customers have access to the latest technology available. We saw immense potential in our Automated Cleaning Solutions and were pleasantly taken by the initial response. Since then we have committed to develop the department and the services it provides.

Our pursuit and devotion for perfection was very well received in one of the fastest growing countries in the world. We have maintained an unmatched standard of service, providing the quickest, most private and eco-friendly cleaning service.

Our client’s satisfaction is our foremost priority, and pride in going above and beyond our scope of work to achieve it, building on the ever-lasting trust and self-standard of the Bluray Brand of Service.

Farooq Mohd

About Company

We have introduced the latest and successful technology available as on date for External Glass & Facade Cleaning, that is, the Skypro machines.

We are the exclusive distributors and service provider for Skypro products in UAE. Skypro is a US brand of Automatic Machines for External Glass and Facade Cleaning of High rise buildings.

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Our Mission

  • To add value to our customers and enhance their expectations through excellent delivery of our services.
  • To Help create an integrated team that is customer focused and works proactively together.
  • To ensure Bluray Technical Services is our customers first choice when considering long term relationship.
  • To work in partnership with our clients in pursuit of excellence.
  • To ensure we comply with all statutory requirements.
  • To contunually train our workforce at all levels to the highest possible standards.
  • To ensure our customer charter is adhered to at all times.

Why Bluray Technical Services?

  • Safe Cleaning of High rise buildings as no one need to hang on the rope or cradle.
  • Faster Cleaning as the machine can do a month’s job of manual cleaning within 3 days.
  • Eco Friendly and Green for the environment as the cleaning is carried out without using any chemicals and uses pure H2O.
  • Cleans the entire building, not just windows.
  • No hassles of anyone looking through your window while cleaning.
  • Better service for no extra cost.